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Goals and Content

The webinar series from Vector offers compact introductions on current issues in development and IT. They combine a methodical introduction beginning with practical tips and case studies from our global consulting practice. This Vector webinars show in practice how specific methods and techniques will be applied, and help such processes and tools here.

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The webinars are a free service for our customers. They are available as archived mp4 podcasts and as PDF in slide format from our Media Center.


  • Cyber Security
  • Functional safety with ISO 26262
  • Requirements Engineering


Prof. Dr. Christof Ebert is managing director at Vector Consulting Services. He supports clients around the world to improve product strategy and product development and to manage organizational changes. Before he had been working for ten years in global senior management positions. A trusted advisor for companies around the world and a member of several of industry boards, he is a professor at the University of Stuttgart. He authored several books including the most recent “Global Software and IT” published by Wiley. Since many years he is serving on the editorial Board of the prestigious IEEE Software journal where he is writing a Blog on software technology.

Dr. Arnulf Braatz is a manager at Vector Consulting Services. Previously he worked as a project manager in development projects as well as a software architect. Dr. Braatz supports companies worldwide to improve their safety and security projects, development processes and change management. He works across industries in the field of engineering methods, cyber security, system and IT architecture, requirements engineering, and to improve efficiency.

Target audience

Engineers in product development, system and software engineers, security and safety engineers and managers, architects, engineering managers, project managers, purchasing, quality managers


The Vector webinars are a free service for our customers.

In-house formats

Do you want to enhance a webinar directly to your own environment and challenges? Looking for a workout that delivers practical exercises to your environment? Then, we suggest our in-house trainings, where you can adjust focus, speed and schedules themselves. We also offer dedicated crash courses for employees and management. Just send us a brief mail.

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